Deveney Roberts is an author, blogger, and cybersecurity enthusiast. She works as a content writer at EC-Council, one of the world’s leading information security certification bodies. Her current professional efforts focus on topics related to cybersecurity and data security. Contact her on LinkedIn.
Dean Madison is the president of TD Madison & Associates. The company is founded on the principle of providing a more predictable approach for evaluating the culture, strategic fit and qualifications of potential candidates for key senior level positions within the cable and telecom industries. Follow them on Twitter @TD_Madison.
Matthew works as a writer for Future Hosting, a leading provider of VPS hosting. He focuses on data news, cybersecurity, and web development topics. You can usually find him hiding behind a computer screen, searching for the next breaking news in the tech industry. For more great articles, check out FH's blog and give them a follow at @fhsales.
Vinnie Esposito is an operations consultant at ESPO Engineering Corp., where he previously assisted in computer maintenance, building and repairs for the CAD department, CAD work and recruiting. Esposito is passionate about physical and virtual infrastructure upgrades and is always looking to find the best equipment and resources for the company.
Tiffany is a marketing professional and author who prides herself in her ability to create engaging content that audiences find valuable. With many years of experience, Tiffany has found herself more passionate than ever to continue developing niche content and relationships across multiple platforms.
Karl Zimmerman is the founder and CEO of Steadfast, a leading provider of IT Data Center Services. Steadfast specializes in highly flexible cloud environments, robust dedicated and colocation hosting, and disaster recovery.
Brett Hanley is a graduate student and freelance writer with more than six years of experience producing digital content for information technology, higher education and other industries. She writes about switching careers to IT for CompTIA.
Paden Simmons is a Senior Vice President at Nigel Frank International. In the seven years since he joined the company as a recruitment consultant, Paden has used his expertise in the Dynamics and Azure markets to help countless Microsoft professionals develop their careers.

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