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Google’s IT support certificate provides the skills you need to launch a variety of IT careers, such as tech support specialist and help desk technician.

These entry-level roles focus on setting up and troubleshooting computer systems, and are a common starting point for a career in IT because of their low barrier to entry and exposure to numerous technical domains. From these roles you can branch out into a range of IT roles or climb the ranks to tech support management and beyond.

The curriculum in Google’s IT support certificate also aligns with CompTIA’s sought-after A+ certification, so graduates of the Google cert should be able to sit for the A+ exam with little or no additional prep.

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Additionally, students can earn up to 12 college credits for completing the Google IT Support Certificate, according to the American Council on Education.

This page will provide an in-depth review of Google’s IT support professional certificate, including which skills you will learn, how much time and money it will cost, and the careers and earnings you can pursue once certified.

Google IT Support Certificate Overview

  • Cost: 7-day free trial then $49 per month by subscription on Coursera
  • Format: Video lectures, hands-on labs and quizzes - 100% online
  • Duration: Approximately 3 to 6 months (with 10 hours of weekly study)
  • Skill level: Beginner. No prior technical experience is required.

Google IT Support Professional Curriculum

Google’s IT support certificate is broken up into five consecutive courses. Here are the course titles and the key skill sets you will learn in each.

Course #1: Tech Support Fundamentals

This course provides an introduction to the world of information technology and an overview of what you’ll learn in the Google IT support certification process. This course covers the basic facets of computing, such as software, hardware and the Internet, as well as the multitude of career opportunities therein.

You will learn:

  • How to build a computer from scratch
  • Introduction to software and hardware
  • Select and install an operating system
  • The Internet and its impact on our lives
  • IT troubleshooting and customer service
Course #2: Computer Networking

This section of your Google IT support professional training will delve into the crucial domain of computer networking, including everything from basic network protocols and troubleshooting to modern network solutions in the cloud.

You will learn:

  • TCP/IP and the five-layer model for computer networking
  • Network troubleshooting tools, techniques and best practices
  • Cloud computing, virtual storage and everything as a service
  • DNS and DHCP protocols - what they are and how they work
Course #3: Operating Systems

Essentially, an operating system (OS) is the software that makes a computer work, managing its vital functions from running applications to controlling hardware. This part of the Google help desk training will teach you how operating systems work and set you on your way to becoming a power user of this essential IT component.

You will learn:

  • Install and configure Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Setup account access and permissions for users and groups
  • Troubleshoot common OS issues as an IT support specialist
  • Learn how to configure disk partitions and filesystems
Course #4: Systems Administration

At this point in your Google IT support professional certification training, you will advance from working on a single computer to managing a multi-user environment. You’ll dig deeper into key concepts of enterprise information technology like IT infrastructure, cloud computing, server management, and data recovery.

You will learn:

  • Analyze and choose IT services, hardware and tech vendors
  • Deep-dive into cloud computing and its organizational benefits
  • Use Active Directory, directory services & OpenLDAP to manage user access
  • Learn how to backup data and recover your IT infrastructure in case of a disaster
Course #5: IT Security

The fifth and final segment of your Google IT support training will delve into the lucrative and fast-growing realm of cybersecurity. This course covers everything from fundamental cyber security tools, techniques and best practices to complex security architectures and fostering a secure mindset in your organization.

You will learn:

  • The 3 A’s of IT security: authentication, authorization & accounting
  • Network security solutions including firewalls and Wi-Fi encryption
  • Overview, advantages and limitations of encryption algorithms
  • Information security risk analysis and mitigation techniques

Google IT Support Certificate Exams

Upon completing the five courses, you will earn your Google IT support professional certification. There is no final exam to become certified, however each course contains graded quizzes which you must pass to progress in the program and earn your Google IT support certificate. As of this writing, there were 54 graded assessments throughout the Google IT support professional program.

Google IT Support Certificate Salary

Earning your Google IT support certificate can prepare you for numerous career paths in computing and information technology. Here are some jobs you can pursue with a Google IT support professional certificate and the average salary for each role:

IT Job Role Average Salary
Help Desk Technician $49,000
Desktop Support Technician $52,000
IT Support Specialist $53,000
Network Administrator $72,000
Systems Administrator $77,000

Source for salary data: Indeed.com

Google IT Support Professional Training

In addition to the official Coursera training featured on this page, these courses and degrees align with the curriculum of Google’s IT support professional certification program.

  • Earn Google's IT Support Certification
  • Network and Systems Administration
  • End-to-End Customer Support Training
  • Essential Information Security Skills
Southern New Hampshire University
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Network Design and Security
  • Basic Scripting & Programming
  • Soft Skills for STEM Professions

Google IT Support Certificate Cost

The average cost of Google's IT support professional certificate is $294. The cost varies because it's calculated by multiplying Coursera's $49 monthly subscription fee by the 6 months it takes to complete this certification, on average. The cost of your Google IT support pro cert can be higher or lower, depending on how fast you finish the program.

Google IT Support Professional FAQs

Frequently asked questions from prospective students in Google’s IT support professional certificate program:

Will I earn college credits for my Google IT support certification?

Yes. The American Council on Education recommends 12 college credits for the Google IT support professional certificate. The credit breakdown by subject is 6 credits in computer information systems, 3 credits in cybersecurity fundamentals, and 3 credits in computer networking. Visit the ACE website for more information.

Is the Google IT support professional certificate worth it?

Yes, earning your Google IT support professional is definitely worth it. This training and certification program will help you acquire hands-on skills that are in high-demand, especially if you want to become a help desk technician or IT support specialist.

How can I show potential employers my Google IT support certificate?

Upon completion, you can share your Google IT support professional cert in your LinkedIn profile - under the Certifications section. You can also reference your certificate on resumes, CVs and any other print or electronic documents.

Is the Google IT support certificate free?

The Google IT Support certificate costs $49 per month via subscription, however you can try out the program with a 7-day free trial on Coursera. The average completion time for the Google IT Support Pro certificate is 6 months, which comes out to a total cost of $294.

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