CTT plus certification trainingCompTIA CTT+ certification demonstrates excellence in the field of education.

CompTIA's Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification recognizes top-quality instructors. The CTT+ certification exam measures the skills and expertise that a trainer needs to successfully complete a teaching assignment in a classroom or virtual classroom environment. Instructional knowledge areas covered by the CTT+ certificate (a.k.a. "Train the Trainer") include course preparation, presentation, communication, facilitation and evaluation.

While the second 'T' in CTT+ stands for "Technical," and the technology industry was one of the first to embrace this credential, CTT+ validates the skills and integrity of top instructors across all industries - both technical and non-technical. CTT+ certification offers two track options, Classroom Trainer or Virtual Classroom Trainer. Candidates must pass two exams to become CTT+ certified - the computer-based CTT+ Essentials exam, and a performance-based test for either the classroom or virtual classroom track. The performance-based test puts your practical teaching skills to the test, wherein candidates submit a 17 to 22 minute recording of themselves teaching a condensed lesson to actual students.

Chart: CompTIA CTT+ Certification Track Options

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Skills Measured by CompTIA CTT+ Certification

Key knowledge areas and skill sets measured by the CompTIA CTT+ certification exam include the following. CompTIA Certified Technical Trainers can:

  • Review organizational needs and student backgrounds to plan course curriculum and objectives.
  • Select and implement the appropriate teaching methods for classroom and virtual courses.
  • Utilize activities that allow learners to contribute to the discussion at appropriate intervals.
  • Use instructional media such as graphic displays and handouts to enrich and engage students.
  • present and conduct themselves in a way that is acceptable to corporate clients and learners.
  • Understand and employ effective verbal and non-verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Utilize group dynamics and group facilitation to establish a learner-centered environment.
  • Establish an environment free of bias and criticism, promoting participation of all learners.
  • Monitor learner progress during training and assess performance at the close of instruction.

CompTIA CTT+ Certification Exams

You must pass two exams to become a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer:

  • CTT+ Essentials (TK0-201) and
  • CTT+ Classroom Trainer (TK0-202) or CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer (TK0-203)
pdf icon CompTIA CTT+ Exam Objectives

Exam Format: Computer-based, multiple choice questions
Time Limit: 90 Minutes
Length: Maximum of 95 Questions
Passing Score: 655/900
CTT+ Cost: $329 USD for the written portion (Essentials) + $349 for the practical portion (Virtual or Classroom)

Upon passing CTT+ Essentials, candidates must complete either the Classroom Trainer or Virtual Classroom Trainer performance-based exam. These recorded teaching sessions are typically conducted at the end of your CTT+ training program or CTT+ certification boot camp. The recording is then submitted to CompTIA - via digital upload or mail courier - for final scoring. Read the preparation guides above for classroom & virtual classroom performance-based exam details.

Breakdown of CTT+ Essentials Exam Questions by Instructional Domain:

CompTIA CTT+ Certification Domain Percentage of Exam Questions
Course Planning 13%
Instructional Methods & Media 14%
Instructor Credibility & Communications 10%
Group Facilitation 45%
Post-Training Evaluation 18%
Total 100%

CompTIA CTT+ Certification Prerequisites

  • Required: There are no required prerequisites for the CTT+ certification exam.
  • Recommended: No additional prerequisites are recommended for CTT+ exam candidates.
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CompTIA CTT+ Jobs

Your teaching experience, education and CTT+ certification qualifies you for a range of positions including:

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CTT+ Certification Salary

Average salary for CTT+ certified professionals and other CompTIA certificate holders:

  • CompTIA A+: $59,000
  • CompTIA Server+: $63,000
  • CompTIA Network+: $63,000
  • CompTIA Project+: $67,000
  • CompTIA Linux+: $70,000
  • CompTIA Security+: $72,000
  • CompTIA CTT+ salary: $74,000
  • CompTIA Cloud+: $74,000
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP): $84,000

Source: Payscale.com

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CTT+ Career Paths

CompTIA CTT+ certification helps prepare you for a range of career paths such as:

  • Certified Technical Trainer
  • eLearning Designer
  • Technical Writer
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Lead Technical Trainer
  • Adobe Certified Instructor
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer

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