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Google’s project management professional certificate provides the skills and credentials to pursue an entry-level role as a project manager.

For those with non-technical backgrounds or inclinations, project management is a great way to break into the lucrative IT space. And demand for certified PMs goes well beyond information technology; salaries and job growth for project managers is spiking across all industries.

Project managers merge soft skills like communication, problem solving and organization with strong business acumen and proven frameworks like Agile and Scrum to ensure that projects are completed on time, under budget and to specifications. Google’s project management certificate will teach you to wield these valuable skills and more as you prepare for a job in this opportunity-rich field.

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In addition to being a solid standalone credential for new project managers, Google’s PM cert aligns with other marketable certifications like the PMP from Project Management Institute (PMI) and CompTIA’s Project+. In fact, the Google project mgmt cert is accredited by PMI and graduates of this program qualify for over 100 hours of project management education towards sought-after PMI certs like PMP and CAPM. Students who complete the Google project management training can also earn up to 9 college credits, according to the American Council on Education.

This page will provide an in-depth review of Google’s project management certificate, including the skills and PM methodologies you’ll learn, how much time and money it will cost you, and the salaries and career paths you can pursue upon getting certified.

Google Project Management Certificate Overview

  • Cost: 7-day free trial then $49 per month by subscription on Coursera.
  • Format: Online lectures, discussion prompts, quizzes & hands-on projects.
  • Duration: Approx. 240 hours, or 3-6 months with 10-20 hrs of weekly study.
  • Skill level: Beginner. No previous project management experience is required.

Google Project Mgmt. Certificate Curriculum

The Google project management professional certificate is divided into 5 courses, followed by a capstone project where students apply their hard-earned PM skills to a real-world project. Here are the course titles and some of the key skills you will learn in each chapter of Google’s project management certification.

Course #1: Project Management Foundations

In the opening course of Google’s project management certificate you’ll learn what project management is all about, including its basic tools and terminology. You’ll also explore the project manager career path, the traits and responsibilities of successful PMs, as well as which topics will be covered in the upcoming courses of this Google certification.

You will learn:

  • The skills and traits that breed successful project managers
  • Define the project management life cycle and its importance
  • Compare and contrast the top project management methodologies
  • PM impact of organizational structure, culture & change management
Course #2: Project Initiation

In this section of the Google project management training you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success when starting a project. Active project managers at Google will teach you the key steps of the project initiation phase, including how to define goals, deliverables, scope and success criteria for a new project.

You will learn:

  • How to determine the costs and benefits of starting a new project
  • Define and measure project goals, deliverables and success metrics
  • Wield popular PM tools such as project charters and RACI matrices
  • How to work with stakeholders and complete a stakeholder analysis
Course #3: Project Planning

Students in this PM course will delve deep into the crucial planning stage of the project management life cycle. This portion of your Google project management training will cover the anatomy of a project plan, how to set timeframes and milestones, and how to manage budgets and procurement.

You will learn:

  • Tools and techniques to build a successful project plan
  • How to estimate, track and maintain a project budget
  • Work with team members to make accurate time estimates
  • Draft a communication plan and manage project documents
Course #4: Project Execution

This chapter of Google’s project management cert is where the rubber meets the road as you transition from initiation and planning into execution and closing. This course will cover marketable PM skill sets like project tracking, risk and change management, and continuous improvement.

You will learn:

  • Which project aspects to track and the leading tracking methods
  • How to manage and communicate change, dependency and risk
  • Quality measurement, continuous improvement and process improvement
  • Tools, techniques & best practices for communicating project status updates
Course #5: Agile Project Management

Agile is an iterative approach to project management wherein processes are broken down into smaller cycles referred to as “sprints,” thus allowing for greater responsiveness to the inevitable issues that arise during a project. Skills and certifications in Agile - and the Scrum framework it encompasses - are in very high demand, especially in the software development space.

You will learn:

  • The philosophy, values and principles of Agile project management
  • How to promote the Agile / Scrum approach and coach Agile teams
  • Create a Scrum Product Backlog and perform Backlog Refinement
  • Tips for interviewing and getting hired as an Agile project manager
Capstone: Real World Project

Wielding the expertise you gained to date training for Google’s project management certificate, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Students in this capstone program follow along with a project manager in a real-world scenario, all while completing dozens of hands-on activities that will internalize and solidify the information from earlier courses.

Capstone participants will:

  • Analyze documents to identify project requirements
  • Utilize a project charter to align project scope and goals
  • Identify tasks and milestones and fold them into a project plan
  • Demonstrate project impact through effective reporting techniques
  • Craft an “elevator pitch” for project manager job interviews

Google Project Management Certification Exams

Upon completing the courses and capstone project you will earn your Google project management certificate. Unlike most IT certifications in the marketplace, there’s no final exam to become certified, however each course in the Google PM cert contains multiple quizzes and hands-on assignments which you must pass to progress in the program and get certified.

Google Project Management Certificate Training

In addition to the official Coursera program for Google’s project management cert linked below, these online courses and college degrees align with the curriculum of this credential.

  • Prepare for Google's PM Certification
  • Project Initiation, Planning & Execution
  • Agile Project Management Methodology
  • Job Search Tips for Project Managers
Southern New Hampshire University
  • Prep for CAPM Certification from PMI
  • IT Resource Estimating & Scheduling
  • Hands-On Training in Microsoft Project
  • Project Risk, Integration and Quality
Georgetown University
  • Managing Technology & IT Staffers
  • Ethics in Technology Management
  • Enterprise Modernization Strategy
  • Information Security Management

Google Project Management Certificate Salary

Earning Google’s project management certification will provide the skills you need to pursue a range of career paths. Here are some jobs you can land with the Google PM certificate and the average base salary for each position.

PM Career Path Average Salary
Project Coordinator $50,000
Project Manager $79,000
Process Manager $90,000
Software Project Manager $93,000
IT Project Manager $94,000
Agile Project Manager $105,000

Keep in mind, this table represents the average salaries for popular project management roles. If you just earned your Google project management certificate but are otherwise new to the field, the starting salary for your first PM job will likely (but not always) come in below the national average.

Source for salary data: Indeed.com

Google Project Management Certificate Cost

$294 is the average cost of Google's project management certificate (6 months average graduation time X $49 monthly subscription fee on Coursera). The 6 month schedule factors in 10 hours of weekly study. You can pay less or more for your Google PM professional certification, depending on how many months it takes you to graduate.

Google Project Management Certificate FAQs

Here we address some frequently asked questions from prospective students in Google’s Project Management Professional Certificate.

Is the Google project management certificate worth it?

Yes, earning your Google project management certificate is definitely worth it. The scope and quality of the training you’ll receive plus the career services and college credits are well worth the low price of admission for this project management cert.

Will I get college credit for my Google project management certificate?

Yes. The American Council on Education recommends 9 college credits for Google’s project management certification. The breakdown of credits by subject is 3 credits for introduction to project management, 3 credits for project management, and 3 credits for Agile project management.

Do I need to take the Google project management courses in order?

The learning software won’t force you to take the Google project management courses in order, but it’s highly recommended as each course builds on the skills and platforms learned in previous lessons.

Is the Google Project Management certificate free?

The program costs $49 per month via subscription to Coursera's online learning platform, however you can start the Google Project Management Professional Certificate for free with a 7-day trial by clicking on this link.

Is the Google project mgmt. professional certificate accredited?

Yes. Google’s project management certificate is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a globally recognized authority and the leading certifying body in this field. Not only does PMI accreditation validate this credential to schools and employers, but Google certified project managers qualify for 100+ hours of project management education which can be applied to the requirements of hot PMI certs like the CAPM and PMP.

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