Cloud Plus CertificationCompTIA Cloud+ validates the skills to deploy & manage secure cloud solutions.

With its myriad benefits in scalability, cost savings, mobility, and efficiency, cloud computing has changed the way businesses operate. The greatest impact of the cloud is no doubt in the field of IT, where just about every technology and job role is influenced by these emerging platforms. Amidst this boom, CompTIA’s Cloud+ certificate has emerged as a leading credential for IT professionals specializing in cloud computing. The Cloud+ certification proves expertise in deploying, managing, and maintaining the latest cloud solutions, making it a valuable asset for those seeking to advance their careers in this growing field.

CompTIA’s Cloud+ certificate is vendor-neutral - meaning it’s not tied to a specific technology platform. This means that Cloud+ certified pros have skills that can be applied to multiple cloud environments, greatly increasing their opportunities. Cloud+ is also a great jumping-off point for advanced, vendor-specific cloud credentials from sector leaders like AWS, Microsoft and Google.

This page will be your guide to the CompTIA Cloud+ certification, including the skill sets it covers, exams, requirements, potential career and salaries, costs, and more. We’ll also spotlight some of the best Cloud+ training programs available today.

Skills Measured by Cloud+ Certification

The Cloud+ exam covers a comprehensive set of cloud computing expertise across 5 knowledge domains. Here's a breakdown of skills measured by Cloud+ certification along with the exam weight for each domain.

Cloud Architecture and Design - 13% of Exam

In this Cloud+ domain, candidates must prove a deep understanding of the different cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and deployment models (private, public, hybrid & community). This covers virtualization technologies, multi-tiered architectures, and the crucial elements of cloud infrastructures such as compute, storage, and networking. The design principles of scalable, secure and adaptable cloud environments are also emphasized.

Cloud Security - 20%

Cloud+ certification ensures that professionals are well-versed in the best practices for cloud computing security. This includes understanding the shared responsibility model, implementing appropriate security controls, and managing security technologies like encryption, identity and access management, and network protections. Additionally, Cloud+ certified pros understand compliance with data privacy and protection regulations.

Cloud Deployment - 23%

This knowledge area of the Cloud+ exam focuses on the practical aspects of executing cloud projects, such as the migration of local services to the cloud, ensuring system compatibility, and deploying and orchestrating cloud resources effectively. Cloud+ candidates must be able to analyze system requirements, plan capacity, and coordinate cloud deployments.

Operations and Support - 22%

This section of the Cloud+ certification exam covers the day-to-day management of cloud resources and services. Key skills include workload management, performance monitoring, cost estimation and management, change management, and providing technical support to end-users and teams. Understanding of automation and orchestration principles to streamline cloud operations is also featured here.

Troubleshooting in the Cloud - 22%

In this category of CompTIA’s Cloud Plus certification, professionals must identify and resolve issues related to network connectivity, system configurations, cloud security and performance. Cloud+ exam candidates must also know how to diagnose and fix problems with storage and compute resources, understand common cloud issues and their causes, and wield the latest tools to aid in troubleshooting.

View the Cloud+ Exam Objectives for a more in-depth look at these domains.

Cloud+ Certification Exam

Cloud+ Exam Format: Multiple choice and Performance-based
Cloud+ Duration: 90 minutes
Cloud+ Length: 90 questions
Cloud+ Cost: $358 (exam voucher only)
Passing Score: 750 out of 900

Cloud+ Certification Prerequisites

  • Required: There are no mandatory prerequisites to sit for the Cloud+ exam.
  • Recommended: CompTIA recommends that Cloud+ candidates have at least 2-3 years of experience in IT networking, cloud computing or data center administration.
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Cloud+ Certification Salary

The salary you can earn with a Cloud+ certification depends on numerous factors, such as your experience, location, employer, job title and additional IT certifications. That said, here are some popular jobs you can pursue with a Cloud+ certification and the average salary for each:

  • Systems Administrator: $73,000
  • Cloud Systems Analyst: $84,000
  • Cloud Support Associate: $85,000
  • Cloud Security Engineer: $96,000
  • Cloud Engineer: $119,000
  • Data Center Manager: $148,000

Source: Analysis of online job boards.

CompTIA Cloud+ Cost

The cost of the Cloud+ certification exam is $358. If you already have the cloud computing skills to pass the test, the exam voucher can be purchased directly from CompTIA’s website.

If you need additional training to pass the test, attending a Cloud+ bootcamp or other training program will add to your cost. Relevant cloud training prices can range from less expensive programs like this IBM course on Coursera to mid-range Microsoft Azure bootcamps and pricier cloud computing degrees with a more in-depth curriculum.

Cloud+ FAQs

Tech insiders answer frequently asked questions from Cloud+ certification candidates.

How does Cloud+ certification compare to other cloud credentials?

CompTIA Cloud+ is the only vendor-neutral certification that provides a broad overview of cloud computing concepts and skills. It's often compared to vendor-specific certifications like AWS Certified Solutions Architect or Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator. While these credentials focus on specific cloud platforms, Cloud+ covers general cloud knowledge applicable to any platform.

What is the exam format for the Cloud+ certification?

The Cloud+ certification exam includes multiple-choice questions (both single and multiple response), drag and drop exercises, and performance-based queries. This combination of question types is designed to validate your expertise and your ability to apply that knowledge in real-world cloud computing scenarios.

How should I prepare for the Cloud+ certification exam?

The best Cloud+ exam prep method for you will vary based on your preferred learning style, budget, and experience. CompTIA offers study materials like digital textbooks, online classes and practice exams. Instructor-led courses and accelerated Cloud+ bootcamps are also available from numerous training providers. Other resources include third-party study guides, online tutorials, and practice exams. You can even begin with free Cloud+ training videos on YouTube.

How long does Cloud+ certification last? How is it renewed?

Like most CompTIA certifications, Cloud+ is valid for three years from the date of passing the exam. You can renew your Cloud+ certification by earning 50 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within these 3 years. CEUs can be achieved through various activities, such as attending cloud workshops and publishing relevant articles. You can also renew your Cloud+ by earning a higher-level CompTIA certification.

Is Cloud+ certification worth it?

Whether or not the Cloud+ is worth it depends on your personal career goals. The Cloud+ certification will be beneficial if you're an IT professional seeking to demonstrate a broad knowledge of cloud technologies. CompTIA Cloud+ is globally recognized, could enhance your job prospects, and potentially lead to a higher salary.

What jobs can I get with a Cloud+ certification?

Becoming Cloud+ certified can open the door to a range of IT careers, including cloud specialist, cloud engineer, cloud systems analyst, cloud support associate, systems administrator, cloud project manager, data center manager, and cloud consultant.

Do I need prior cloud experience to take the Cloud+ exam?

CompTIA recommends that Cloud+ certification candidates have 2 to 3 years of network, cloud or system administration experience, however, there are no mandatory requirements to take the exam and get certified. That said, understanding the foundational concepts of information technology and cloud computing will be needed to pass the Cloud+ exam.

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