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Oracle DBA Training OnlineOracle Certifications validate your skills and expertise using Oracle's popular business technologies, including the Oracle DBMS. Oracle certifications are among the most sought-after and respected credentials in the IT industry, particularly in the database domain.

The Oracle Certification Program features three levels of Oracle credentials in several disciplines, such as database administration and application development. From lowest to highest the 3 main levels of Oracle certification are Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Certified Master (OCM). Oracle Specialist (OCS) and Expert-level (OCE) certifications are also available for select Oracle technologies.

In addition to passing the appropriate Oracle certification exam(s), Oracle requires certification candidates for most of its credentials to attend instructor-led training and offer proof of attendance. Oracle's education mandate increases the value of Oracle certificates by ensuring that candidates learn the necessary skills in a hands-on environment as opposed to just cramming for an Oracle certification exam.

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Benefits of Oracle Certifications for Individuals:

  • Oracle certifications establish your competence in Oracle's widely respected database and business technologies.
  • Oracle certified IT professionals are among the highest paid employees in the IT industry.
  • Earning Oracle certifications proves to bosses that you're dedicated to advancing your IT career.
  • Oracle certifications are sought-after badges of credibility in the IT workforce.
  • Oracle certifications distinguish you from co-workers and competing job candidates.
  • Oracle certifications can afford you increased job security in your current position.
  • Oracle certified professionals gain access to online resources such as the OCP Members Only website.
  • Oracle offers specialized upgrade training, allowing Oracle certified IT pros to easily update their credentials to the latest generation of Oracle technologies.

Benefits of Oracle Certifications for Businesses:

  • Oracle certification holders perform at a higher level than non-certified employees.
  • Enterprises employing Oracle certified DBAs enjoy increased systems performance.
  • Companies that hire Oracle certified individuals are shown to have increased staff retention.
  • Businesses employing Oracle certified IT professionals boast increased employee productivity.
  • Oracle certification provides a consistent quality standard for the knowledge and skills of employees.

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