ITF Plus Certification TrainingCompTIA’s ITF+ certification validates basic IT knowledge.

With increasing opportunities for technology professionals across the workforce, many people are considering a career in IT. For students and career changers with no prior experience in information technology, earning the CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) certification can provide foundational tech skills and help you figure out if a career in IT is right for you.

This guide will provide an overview of the ITF+ certification, including exam topics, requirements, potential career paths and salaries, costs and benefits. We’ll also highlight some of the top online training programs for ITF+ and other CompTIA certificates.

Skills Measured by ITF+ Certification

ITF+ certification covers basic information technology skills across 6 key domains. Here’s an overview of the topics you’ll encounter in the ITF+ certification exam.

IT Concepts and Terminology - 17% of the exam

  • Notational systems: Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal, etc.
  • Basic data types: Char, Strings, Numbers & Boolean
  • Computing and processing fundamentals
  • The value of data and information assets
  • Common measurement units: Bits, Bytes, MHz, etc.
  • Technical troubleshooting methodology

IT and Computing Infrastructure - 22%

  • Types of input/output device interfaces
  • Peripheral device installation and setup
  • Computer parts and Internet service types
  • Purpose of common computing devices
  • Basic networking concepts and network setup

Software and Applications - 18%

  • Operating systems purpose and components
  • How to use productivity, collaboration & business software
  • Application architecture and delivery models
  • Web browser configuration and proper use

Software Development - 12%

  • Introduction to computer programming languages
  • Programming organization and logic components
  • Programming concepts: identifiers, containers, functions & objects

Database Fundamentals - 11%

  • Introduction to databases and data storage
  • Compare common database structures
  • Popular methods to interface with databases

Information Security - 20%

  • Data confidentiality, integrity & availability (CIA triad)
  • Best practices for securing computing devices
  • Privacy and behavioral security concepts

Visit CompTIA’s website for a detailed breakdown of ITF+ certification exam objectives.

CompTIA ITF+ Certification Exam

ITF+ Format: Multiple choice questions.
ITF+ Duration: 60 minutes
ITF+ Length: 75 questions max
ITF+ Cost: $134 (exam only)
Passing Grade: 650 out of 900

ITF+ Prerequisites

CompTIA’s IT Fundamentals (ITF+) certification is designed for complete beginners, so it has no prerequisites.

Search IT courses and degrees by job role, technology platform, and concentration.

ITF+ Certification Salary

ITF+ is a pre-career certification, so there’s no direct wage data for certified professionals. If you decide to continue on your IT career path, here’s how much you can earn in some popular entry-level roles.

  • Help Desk Technician: $48,000
  • Desktop Support Specialist: $54,000
  • Junior Cybersecurity Analyst: $69,000
  • Junior Network Administrator: $68,000
  • Junior Systems Administrator: $71,000
  • Junior Database Administrator: $77,000
  • Computer Programmer: $89,000

Source: Analysis of online job boards.

ITF+ Certification Cost

The ITF+ certification exam costs $134, making it one of the most affordable IT certifications. Because it’s an exam for absolute beginners, most candidates will need additional training to pass the test.

CompTIA offers ITF+ courses and study guides which you can access via their website. You can also attend an A+ bootcamp which includes the training you need to get both the ITF+ and A+ certification.

Is ITF+ Certification Worth It?

The value of CompTIA’s ITF+ certification depends on your current expertise and career goals. Here are some scenarios in which ITF+ is worth considering:

Absolute Beginners in IT

For those with little to no knowledge about information technology, the ITF+ certification offers a solid foundation. It introduces a wide range of IT topics, from software and infrastructure to security and databases. For a total beginner, it can be a valuable first step in understanding the world of IT.

Non-IT Professionals

ITF+ certification can benefit professionals in other fields who regularly interface with IT departments, or those considering a career change to IT. It offers a broad understanding of technical concepts, helping to bridge communication gaps and improve collaboration with IT teams.


Students who are in high school or just starting college and considering an IT career path can benefit from ITF+. The certification can give them an edge in college applications or internships while showcasing a commitment to understanding the IT field.

Preparation for Advanced Certifications

Before diving into more advanced certifications, like CompTIA A+ or Network+, getting ITF+ certified can ensure that you’re well-prepared to tackle more complex IT topics later on.

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