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Business Intelligence Degree OnlineBusiness Intelligence (BI) -- the process of using technology to extract actionable intelligence from business data -- is one of the most sought-after skill sets in the modern workforce. In efforts to improve products and services, reduce costs or otherwise spark a competitive advantage, organizations are gathering data at breakneck speeds, driving record demand for professionals with business intelligence degrees and experience who can analyze and interpret this wealth of information.

The following campus-based and online degrees in business intelligence feature coursework in marketable BI domains, such as big data analytics, data visualization & creative reporting, business intelligence programming and more.

The BI degree programs listed below exemplify the necessary skills to succeed in this white-hot field.

Business Intelligence Degrees Online

Disciplines like BI which rely heavily on software and quantifiable (hard) skills work extremely well in self-paced and distance learning formats. Here are some well-designed business intelligence online degree programs:

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MS - Business Intelligence

The amount of data being catalogued from business networks, consumer transactions, mobile devices and social networks has reached epic proportions, and modern organizations are recognizing the immense value of this "big data." Full Sail University's online business intelligence masters degree will teach you how to capture, integrate, analyze and report on this treasure trove of operational data.

BI Program Highlights:

  • Advanced Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Big Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  • Business Process Modeling (BPM)
  • Enterprise Database Administration
  • BI Leadership & Communication Skills

Learning Method: 

Online Degree


Degree Level: 



Accredited School: 



Financial Aid Available: 

Federal, State, Military & Scholarships

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BS - Data Analytics

Capella University's Online Bachelor's in Data Analytics provides cutting-edge skills and credentials that will help you succeed in big data management. This degree includes two courses from SAS Institute (developers of the industry-leading Statistical Analysis System software suite) which prepare students to earn the SAS Certified Base Programmer certification, a sought-after BI credential.

Program Highlights:

  • Includes Certification Preparation for:
    • SAS Certified Base Programmer
    • CompTIA A+ and Network+
  • Data Governance and Information Security
  • Integrate & Analyze Data from Multiple Sources
  • Data Extraction, Transformation & Loading (ETL)
  • Advanced Data Mining and Big Data Analysis
  • Data Interpretation & Statistical Analysis in SAS
  • Big Data Delivery Strategies and Creative Reporting
  • Data Analytics in Cloud-Based & Virtual Environments

Learning Method: 

Online Degree


Degree Level: 



Accredited School: 



Financial Aid: 

Federal, State, Military and Scholarship

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  • BS - Data Management
  • BS - Network Technology: Microsoft
  • BS - Network Technology: Cisco
  • BS - Information Assurance & Security
  • MS - Evaluation, Research, and Measurement
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BI Courses & Degree Programs

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BI Program

Course Highlights & Certifications

MS - Computer Science: Database Systems

  • Method: Online Degree
  • Degree Level: Master
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Skills to Pursue a Careers as DBA, Database Designer, or Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Design, Support and Secure Today's Leading Open-Source and Commercial Databases
  • Build & Manage Data Warehouses/Data Marts and Mine for Operational Intelligence
  • Grow your Foundation in Computer Science and Marketable Programming Languages

BS - Management Information Systems & Business Analytics

  • Method: Online Degree
  • Degree Level: Bachelor
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Gain the Skills to become a Business Intelligence Analyst, DBA or Information Systems Manager
  • Wield BI Tools inc. IBM's SPSS Statistics to Predict, Analyze & Report on Complex Trends
  • Design, Manage and Secure Info Systems
  • Enterprise Data Mining and Warehousing
  • Coursework in Cloud Computing & Big Data
  • Information Technology Project Management

BS - IT: Software Analysis and Development

  • Method: Online Degree
  • Degree Level: Bachelor
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Learn Hot Programming Languages inc. PHP, Perl, Java, VB. Net, C+, C++, C#, SQL & Objective-C
  • Analyze, Design & Develop Innovative Software Systems to Solve Complex Business Problems
  • Android & iOS Mobile Application Development
  • Develop Websites in HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • E-Commerce Web Development & Marketing
  • Develop Data-Driven Applications with XML
  • Human-Computer Interaction and UI Design

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