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Google’s data analytics certificate provides the skills and credentials to pursue an entry-level role as a data analyst.

Data analysts use technology to transform raw data into actionable intelligence that drives smarter business decisions. As organizations' data caches grow and information becomes one of the most valuable commodities, data analysts who can mine, process and analyze this "digital gold" will continue to be in high demand. The Google data analytics professional certificate will teach you the tools, techniques and best practices to break into this fast-growing field.

Google data analytics certification training covers in-demand skills and platforms including spreadsheets (Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel), the statistical programming language R, data queries in SQL, and the data visualization tool Tableau. You’ll also learn marketable soft skills for data analysts such as critical thinking and problem solving.

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Top Data Analytics Programs:


Graduates of Google’s data analyst certificate will have the skills and portfolio to pursue a junior- or associate-level data analyst position. Once you gain some experience, data analysts can branch out into a range of lucrative and interesting roles such as data scientist, business intelligence analyst, and data engineer.

Students who complete the Google data analytics certification will also earn up to 12 college credits per the American Council on Education.

This page will provide a review of the data analytics professional certificate from Google, including the skills and platforms you’ll learn, how much time and money it will cost you, and the jobs and salaries you can pursue upon completion.

Google Data Analytics Certificate Overview

  • Cost: 7-day free trial then $49 per month by subscription on Coursera.
  • Format: 100% online lectures, case studies, hands-on labs and quizzes.
  • Duration: 181 hours, or approximately 6 months with 5-10 hrs of weekly study.
  • Skill level: Beginner. No previous experience in data analytics is required.

Google Data Analytics Certificate Curriculum

Google data analyst certification training is divided into 8 courses. Subjects progress from beginner to intermediate topics, and subsequent courses build on previous lessons, so it’s recommended to take the courses in order. Here’s a list of the courses in Google’s data analytics professional certificate, and the key skills you’ll learn in each chapter.

Course #1: Data Analytics Foundations

The inaugural Google data analytics course will serve as your introduction to the world of data. You’ll explore the key tools, techniques and platforms of data analysis, as well as the multitude of career opportunities therein.

You will learn:

  • The crucial role of data analytics and the data ecosystem
  • Key skills like data cleaning, analysis and visualization
  • Intro to vital data analyst tools like spreadsheets, Tableau & R
  • Jobs you can get with a Google Data Analytics Pro Certification
Course #2: Ask Questions

In this chapter of the Google data analyst training, you’ll learn how to ask the questions that will uncover the data to drive smarter business decisions. This part of the training program will also touch on critical soft skills that will help shape your thinking as a data analyst.

You will learn:

  • Constructive questioning techniques for valuable analyses
  • Data-driven decision making in real-world business scenarios
  • Explore spreadsheet tools and their importance in data analysis
  • Structured thinking and how it drives better questions and solutions
Course #3: Prepare Data for Exploration

Building on the principles you learned in the first two lessons, this Google certification course is where you start to deploy the hand-on skills you’ll need as a professional data analyst. Students in this course will wield powerful tools like spreadsheets and SQL to extract and organize data.

You will learn:

  • How to use spreadsheets and SQL with databases to analyze data sets
  • Explore structured vs unstructured data, and data types and formats
  • Learn to identify bias to ensure the credibility of your data
  • Tools and best practices for securing sensitive information
Course #4: Data Cleaning

Comparing massive and disparate data sets can get messy. Data cleaning is a vital step in the data analytics process where the analyst fixes or removes incorrect, corrupted, duplicate, incomplete or improperly formatted records.

You will learn:

  • The importance of data integrity and how to check for it
  • Use spreadsheets and SQL to clean and transform data
  • Tools & techniques to verify results once data are cleaned
  • Course challenge: Practical application of data cleaning skills
Course #5: Answer Questions

Now that we’ve collected and cleaned our data, it’s time to delve deeper into the actual analysis. In this segment of Google data analytics training, you’ll learn how to perform complex data calculations that yield answers to specific questions that drive business objectives.

You will learn:

  • How to format and organize information for data analysis
  • Use spreadsheet formulas and functions to calculate data
  • Aggregate data using Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Carry out complex data calculations using SQL queries
Course #6: Data Visualization

Data visualization is how you present your findings to decision-makers -- usually as graphs, charts and other types of illustrations. As you can imagine, this is a key step in distilling complex data and presenting it as actionable intelligence. This Google data analytics course will cover some of the key skills and platforms for data visualization.

You will learn:

  • How to use data stories to build a compelling narrative
  • Use Tableau to create dashboards, filters and visualizations
  • Tools and techniques of effective presentations and slideshows
  • Best practices for Question & Answer sessions with your audience
Course #7: Data Analysis with R

Some data analyst jobs require programming skills. The R programing language is the most sought-after and powerful statistical programming language. Students in this portion of the Google data analytics cert will learn how to use R programming to extract deeper insights from data.

You will learn:

  • The advantages of using R programming to analyze complex data
  • How to use the RStudio environment to apply R to your data
  • The different components of R including the Tidyverse packages
  • Possibilities for creating data visualizations using R programming
Course #8: Job Seeker Tips & Capstone

In the final course of Google’s data analytics certification, you’ll have the chance to complete an optional case study to test your hard-earned skills and bolster your portfolio. Case studies are a common way for employers to gauge your analytical prowess, so it’s highly recommended to complete this elective part of the program. This course will also prepare you for the data analyst job search process.

You will learn:

  • Interview questions and tips for prospective data analysts
  • The benefits of case studies in data analytics job searches
  • How to complete and present your data analyst case study

Google Data Analyst Training

Including the official Coursera program linked below, these online courses and college degrees align with the curriculum of Google’s data analytics certificate and the skills to become a professional data analyst.

  • Prep for Google Data Analytics Certificate
  • Learn to use Popular Data Analytics Tools
  • Big Data Visualization and Presentation
  • Asking Questions for Data-Driven Decisions
Southern New Hampshire University
  • Leverage Data to Drive Business Goals
  • Big Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Learn Python, SQL, Tableau and R
  • Data Analytics Project Management

Google Data Analytics Certification Exams

Upon completing the eight classes and optional capstone project, you will earn your Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. There is no final exam to become certified, however each course has multiple graded assessments and hands-on challenges you must pass to become a certified Google data analytics professional.

Google Data Analytics Certificate Salary

Google’s data analyst certification program will provide the skills and credentials to secure a number of entry-level positions in the field of data analytics. Here are some jobs you can pursue with the Google data analyst cert and the average salary for each role.

Data Analytics Job Average Salary
Junior Data Analyst $65,000
Data Analyst $74,000
Business Intelligence Analyst $90,000
Database Administrator $91,000
Data Scientist $102,000
Data Engineer $115,000

This table represents the average pay for data-driven roles in the US. If you just earned your Google data analyst certificate and are otherwise new to the field, your starting salary will likely (but not necessarily) be lower than the national average.

Source for salary data: Indeed.com

Google Data Analytics Certificate Cost

The average cost of Google's data analytics professional certification is $294. The cost of this cert is calculated by multiplying the $49 monthly subscription fee on Coursera by the 6 months average graduation time. The cost of your Google data analytics certificate can be higher or lower, depending on how many months it takes you to complete the program.

Google Data Analytics Certificate FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions from prospective students in the Google data analytics certification program.

Is the Google data analyst certificate worth it?

Yes, earning your Google data analytics professional certificate is definitely worth it. With a low cost of entry and flexible schedule, the scope and value of the training you'll receive makes this credential a standout in the field.

Is the Google data analytics certificate free?

No, the program costs $49 per month via subscription on Coursera, however you can try out the Google data analytics certificate for free with a 7-day trial. On average, students complete the Google data analytics pro certificate within 6 months, for a total cost of $294.

Will I get college credit for Google data analytics certification?

Yes, the American Council on Education recommends 12 credits for Google’s data analytics professional certification. The breakdown of credits by subject is 3 credits in each of the following four domains: introduction to databases, SQL programming, systems analysis, and R programming.

Can I get a job with Google data analytics certification?

Yes, the data analyst certificate was designed by active data professionals at Google to provide the skills you need to get hired as a junior or associate-level data analyst. The Google data analyst cert also includes insider tips for job search, interviewing and portfolio promotion.

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