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Each year, businesses generate massive amounts of electronic information, driving record demand for talented database administrators, developers and data analysts who can manage this data effectively.

Accredited universities and private computer schools alike offer training programs in today's hottest database management systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SQL and IBM DB2. Compare recommended database courses & degrees in the U.S. and online below.

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Data Analysis

SNHU's online bachelor's degree in computer science with the data analysis concentration covers the necessary skills and platforms to manage the vast data stores of the modern enterprise. Graduates from this program will be prepared for job roles such as database administrator, business intelligence analyst, and big data specialist.

Program Highlights:

  • Create and Manage Structured Database Environments
  • Use Data Analysis to Meet Organizational Goals
  • Advanced Statistics for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
  • Wield Emerging Tech in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to Analyze Big Data for Actionable Intelligence

Bachelor of Science in IT: Data Management

This IT bachelor's degree with a minor in data management will prepare you for a range of lucrative careers in information processing, database administration and beyond. Core curriculum in this online program features marketable STEM topics like information security, computer programming, network management and discrete mathematics, along with the necessary skills to apply these principles to organizational objectives.

Program Highlights:

  • Advanced Training in Database Administration
  • Data Architecture and Metadata Design
  • Business Intelligence Tools and Techniques
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Data Management
  • Data Modeling Standards and Best Practices
  • Cloud-Based Data Distribution & Virtualization

Database Certificates, Courses & Degrees

Compare undergraduate & graduate degrees, professional certificates, and self-paced online courses matching the database administrator career path.

Got targeted learning goals? Many schools offer individual courses from campus & online degree programs.

Google Data Analytics Pro Certificate

  • Includes Certification Preparation for:
    • Google Data Analytics Professional
  • Learn to use Popular Data Analytics Tools inc. Tableau, SQL, R Programming, Spreadsheets & Slideshows
  • Clean, Organize and Analyze Complex Data Sets
  • Data Visualization & Stakeholder Presentation
  • Constructive Questioning and Structured Thinking

Bachelor's in Computer Science - Data Analysis

  • Gain the Skills and Credentials to Pursue Sought-After Careers in Data Management
  • Create and Manage Structured Databases
  • Analyze Data to Meet Organizational Goals
  • Advanced Statistics for STEM Disciplines
  • Use Emerging Tech in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to Analyze Big Data

Master of Science in IT - Analytics

  • Use analytics, statistics & forecasting to drive smarter business decisions
  • Identify relevant data and sources to solve complex business problems
  • Address global, ethical, legal & cultural factors in data analytics
  • Create effective data visualizations and stakeholder presentations
  • Must have a bachelor's degree to apply. GRE / GMAT not required.
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