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pmi certifications listIn an increasingly projectized world, Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications ensure that project managers are ready to meet the demands of complex projects across the globe.

PMI offers the preeminent career certification program for project managers of all experience and skill levels. PMI certificates - featuring the flagship PMP certification - are rigorously developed, globally respected, and easily transferable between industry and discipline.

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Benefits of PMI Certifications for Individuals:

  • PMI certified project managers are among the highest paid professionals in the IT industry,
    e.g., the average salary for PMI's PMP certification holders is $104,253.
  • PMI certification is an unbiased endorsement of your project management knowledge and
    professional experience on a global level.
  • PMI certifications are not based on one specific methodology, so they are flexible, adaptable
    and easily transferred between industries, market segments, and locales.
  • PMI certifications show that you have demonstrated excellence in the PM field by meeting
    standard requirements established by leading project management practitioners.
  • Earning the latest PMI certifications proves your up-to-date awareness of changing processes,
    terminology, and best practices in the PM field.
  • PMI certifications build self confidence; with a PMI credential you define yourself beyond
    a job title while gaining a sense of personal satisfaction.
  • PMI certifications mean increased job security and credibility in your current position.
  • Getting PMI certified proves your commitment to the project management profession.
  • Getting PMI certified opens the door to numerous career opportunities as many leading
    organizations only consider PMI certified candidates for project management positions.

Benefits of PMI Certifications for Businesses:

  • PMI certified workers understand the latest PM processes and terminology; to obtain a PMI
    certification, individuals must pass a multiple-choice exam and other evaluations based on
    the current body of knowledge and tasks related to PM job roles.
  • Your clients will have increased confidence because your project team has knowledge of
    the most up-to-date global practices. PMI certification holders must participate in the
    Continued Certification Requirements (CCR) program to maintain active certification status.
  • Companies employing PMI certified project managers have repeatable processes and
    improved project results; this prevents you and your project teams from having to start
    from scratch every time you begin a new project because disciplined project management
    calls for lessons learned and shared process assets.
  • You will retain employees by investing in their professional development; when you invest in
    your employees’ development, you show your commitment to them and in turn they will be
    more committed to your organization so you'll be able to retain employees & attract talent.
  • Companies employing PMI certified pros help grow the profession of project management;
    by endorsing PMI certifications you provide long-term career paths in project management
    for your workforce.
  • Companies employing PMI certified project managers enjoy a more disciplined workforce;
    PMI certification holders are not only tested on their knowledge of project management
    terminology and processes, but also on their ability to successfully perform their job.
  • Your workforce will know what to look for before they start a project; by understanding the
    common processes & terminology, your certified project team knows the steps to initiating,
    executing and closing a project thereby making success more likely.

In-Demand PMI Certifications:

Project Management Courses & Degrees

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Training Provider

Project Management Training

Course Highlights & Certifications

BS - BA: Information Systems Management

  • Method: Online Degree
  • Degree Level: Bachelor
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Includes Certification Preparation for:
    • PMI CAPM (Certified Associate of Project Management)
    • CompTIA Project+
  • Gain the Skills to Pursue Careers in IT Project / Information Systems Management
  • Select, Manage and Close Projects On-Time, Under Budget and to Specifications
  • Use Technology to Solve Business Problems
  • Explore the Lucrative Field of IT Consulting

AS - IT Management: Network Security

  • Method: Online Degree
  • Degree Level: Associate
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Prepare for a Range of IT Management Roles with a Focus on Network Security & Administration
  • Hands-On Network Security Training in Ethical Hacking, Mobile Security & InfoSec Management
  • Learn how to Support and Manage Microsoft, Cisco and Linux Computer Systems
  • Includes Exam Prep for Hot IT Certifications from Cisco, Microsoft & CompTIA

M.B.A. Technology Management

  • Method: Online Degree
  • Degree Level: Master
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Prepare to Lead Organizations in the Planning, Development, Operation & Management of IT
  • Applied Managerial Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing and Decision-Making
  • Use IT to Foster a Real Competitive Advantage
  • Learn to Manage Relational Database Systems
  • Networking & Telecommunication Management
  • IT Innovation's Impact on Strategy & Operations
  • IT Management and Team Leadership Training

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PMI Certifications

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