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What Employers Think About Online Engineering Degrees

Engineers are in high demand across a variety of tech-centric fields. Here we examine the pros and cons of earning these coveted engineering degrees online versus a campus-based setting.

Online Engineering Degree Value

Engineers are flooding the tech industry, fighting tooth and nail for jobs in software, hardware, systems, electrical and other tech-related engineering fields. In an effort to secure these desirable positions faster than the competition, many would-be engineers are pursuing credentials online. Indeed, web-based engineering degree programs are usually more flexible than those on a college campus, and many can be completed in less time and at lower costs. But - what do employers think when they see an online engineering degree on a resume?

Online degrees in engineering offer many benefits, but if employers aren’t impressed by digitally earned credentials, there's no point for aspiring engineers to enroll. Here are some useful facts as well as employers’ opinions on engineering diplomas and learning formats to help you choose your ideal engineering degree program.

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