Infographic: Android vs. iPhone vs. Blackberry | How Smartphone Users See Each Other

We just came across this funny infographic depicting how Android, iPhone & Blackberry users see each other. Infographic created by C-Section Comics . Enjoy! (Click Image to Enlarge)
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How to Become an Android Application Developer

The news broke today that Android devices now account for 50% of the global smart phone market, making it the world's most popular mobile platform. When Android was introduced in 2007 it was a distant 5th in mobile platforms - trailing Apple's  iOS, Blackberry (RIM), Windows Mobile and Symbian. With millions of Android devices in use, and an incredible 500,000+ new Android devices activated daily, the popularity of Android applications is increasing exponentially - and with it the demand for Android application developers is soaring. IT recruiters are reporting unprecedented demand for talented programmers with Android development training.

Android Application Development Training

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Guest — Sebastian

Well written.

Well written. First time I hear that most android applications written in Java. Maybe I should create a little app too. ... Read More
Friday, 09 September 2011 15:05
Guest — Justin Bob

Iphone app builder

Incredible work on this follow up lens. You’ve really poured your heart into these lenses! I usually visit blogs and sites to reac... Read More
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 12:13
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