Best Online IT Degrees

ITCareerFinder breaks down the top 5 online bachelor’s degrees in information technology.

Best Online IT Degrees

The digital age is upon us, and with it comes an array of technological advancements, challenges, and possibilities. If you’re passionate about technology, pursuing an IT degree online can be an excellent way to harness this high-tech revolution into a rewarding career.

Online learning has exploded in popularity and capability, with the top programs offering flexibility and affordability without compromising quality. While the self-managed format of online degrees isn’t for everyone, it can unlock a world of opportunity for the right, self-motivated learners. Beyond the obvious benefit of a flexible schedule, students in top-tier online tech programs can take advantage of interactive course materials, sophisticated simulations to put their computing skills to the test, and global networking abilities that provide access to the leading minds in their field, regardless of location.

But where do you begin? To help answer this question, we’ve highlighted some of the best information technology degrees you can earn online.

Before we delve into the ranking, let’s clarify how we chose the best online degrees in IT. We started with 30 of the most popular tech-centric bachelor’s, where the subject matter translates well to a distance learning format. From that group, we analyzed the current and future relevance of skills learned, as well as the job outlook and earning potential for the IT careers you pursue upon graduation. Applying this methodology, we identified the top five online bachelor’s degrees in IT.

Without further ado, here are the best online IT degrees:

  1. BS in Computer Science + Software Engineering Major

    The #1 online tech degree is a computer science bachelor’s with a concentration in software engineering. This program offers a strong foundation in key computer science concepts, such as data structures, algorithms and statistics, alongside hands-on training in the programming languages and software development platforms that are in peak demand across all industries. You can further boost the value of this degree with electives in hot domains like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

    The CS bachelor’s with a major in software engineering led the pack in subject matter that thrives in a distance learning format, as the tools of the trade can all be accessed and used to their fullest potential online.

    This program will prepare you for careers such as software developer, software engineer, and mobile application developer. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job market for software developers to explode by 26% over the next decade, much faster than the 14% growth rate for all technology jobs, and trouncing the 3% rate for all US occupations.

    Potential Careers Avg. Salary
    Software Developer $117,000
    Software Engineer $118,000
    Mobile App Developer $125,000
  2. Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

    A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity teaches the skills you need to protect data and information systems from threats. The curriculum of this program includes topics like network security, digital forensics, penetration testing and ethical hacking, combined with hands-on experience in the latest cybersecurity tools.

    IT degrees in cybersecurity are well-suited to the online learning format, as schools use cutting-edge simulations that accurately mimic the scenarios faced in a cyber attack, and students can log in and practice in these simulated environments 24/7.

    It’s easy to see how the cybersecurity bachelor’s placed so high in the best online tech degree ranking. As cyber-attacks continue to escalate in frequency, complexity and monetary damages, the need for qualified professionals who can help organizations stem the flow is at an all-time high. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 31% growth for cyber security analysts from 2022 to 2032.

    Potential Careers Avg. Salary
    Cybersecurity Analyst $91,000
    Information Security Auditor $111,000
    Penetration Tester $119,000
  3. Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

    Data is the new oil, and we’re all the suppliers. With unprecedented workforce demand and a future-ready course list, a bachelor's degree in data analytics stands out as a premier online IT degree. The curriculum of a data analytics bachelor’s covers topics like statistical modeling, artificial intelligence, big data visualization, and data warehousing. Students in a well-designed online program will also learn popular data analytics platforms such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Python, equipping them to turn complex data sets into actionable insights. As businesses endeavor to harness the power of data to gain a competitive edge, graduates of a data analytics program are well-poised for success.

    The importance of data analytics in today's - and tomorrow’s - economy cannot be overstated. With millions of terabytes of data being generated daily, there’s an urgent need for skilled and educated analysts who can mine, interpret and utilize this data to drive smarter decisions. Reflecting this demand, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates an employment surge for data scientists and related specialists to the tune of 35% over the next 10 years.

    Potential Careers Avg. Salary
    Business Intelligence Analyst $89,000
    Data Engineer $123,000
    Data Scientist $126,000
  4. Bachelor’s Degree (BS or BBA) in Information Systems

    Learning how to navigate the increasingly muddy waters between technology and business is the primary focus of a BS or BBA in information systems. Handily making our list of the top online technology degrees, this program melds computing and business strategy, offering an invaluable education in how to design, implement, manage and optimize the technological systems that underpin the modern organization. Core subjects include computer systems analysis, database management, enterprise architecture, and IT project management.

    Infosys specialists are highly sought-after for their role as bridge-builders, linking technical capabilities with business goals. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15% growth for computer and information systems managers over the next decade. This online IT degree also earns top marks for upward mobility, with excellent preparation for advanced degrees in business and technology and a clear path to lucrative roles in IT management.

    Potential Careers Avg. Salary
    Computer Systems Analyst $83,000
    Database Administrator $95,000
    IT Project Manager $99,000
  5. Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

    In a computing field where quantitative skills are a hot commodity, a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics makes the final slot in our ranking of the best online degrees in IT. This program lays a solid foundation in mathematical theory and methods while emphasizing their practical application in disciplines like engineering, physics, and computer science. Students learn intricate mathematical concepts such as differential equations, statistical modeling and algorithm optimization, all paired with problem-solving skills that can be applied to real-world issues.

    Applied mathematics plays a key role in driving innovations, optimizing IT solutions, and aiding decision-making in numerous fields. From modeling global financial markets and predicting weather patterns to business intelligence analysis and machine learning, the applications of this degree are vast and varied. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 29% growth rate for mathematical science occupations. The job outlook is even brighter for students who specialize in statistics or enhance their education with coursework in interdisciplinary fields like computer science and AI.

    Potential Careers Avg. Salary
    Mathematician $103,000
    Computer Scientist $109,000
    Machine Learning Engineer $160,000
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In the rapidly evolving IT landscape, pursuing an online bachelor’s degree is an excellent way for self-motivated students to get an education that can unlock a world of opportunities. Whether it's software engineering, cybersecurity, data analytics, information systems or applied mathematics, these top-ranked online IT degrees present a great way to prepare for your future.


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