Healthcare IT Technician Certificate

CompTIA's Healthcare IT Technician certificate was retired February 28, 2017, and will not be renewed or replaced. Although it has been retired, anyone who has earned this certification will remain certified for life.

comptia healthcare it technician trainingThe CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certificate demonstrates the skills to deploy, configure, support and secure Health IT Systems in a Clinical Setting.

The Healthcare IT Technician certificate is a new credential for IT professionals entering the fast growing field of Health Information Technology (HIT). CompTIA's Healthcare IT Technician certificate validates a fundamental grasp of healthcare regulatory requirements, healthcare and IT terminology, computer hardware & software, network topologies, and how to best apply these skills and knowledge in a modern medical practice. The Healthcare IT Technician certification exam also covers HIPPA compliance issues, code of conduct policies and best practices for storing, securing and backing up mission-critical data.

Now is an ideal time to become a Healthcare IT Technician; the U.S. Dept. of Labor forecasts that the healthcare IT job market will grow by 21% through 2020, making health care the fastest growing service sector for new IT jobs.

Earning your CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certificate is a distinctive step toward a career in healthcare information technology. Colleges, universities and private computer schools offer a range of healthcare IT training programs, as well as accredited degrees and certificates that align with the Healthcare IT Technician credential. Compare the top-rated healthcare IT training programs in the U.S. and online below.

CompTIA's Healthcare IT Technician certificate prepares you for a job as a Healthcare IT (HIT) computer technician. To learn more about the related Health Information Management (HIM) career field - including in-demand skills, jobs, certifications, salary and training programs - explore the red-hot Health Information Technician career path.

Healthcare IT Training

Skills Measured by Healthcare IT Technician Certificate

Key skills and knowledge areas covered by this exam include the following. CompTIA Healthcare IT Technicians can:

  • Understand health care agency types, laws and regulations.
  • Explain and classify HIPAA controls and compliance issues.
  • Summarize the rules of record retention, disposal and archiving.
  • Apply proper communication methods, e.g., email or VOIP, in clinical offices.
  • Identify and define commonly used IT terms and computer technologies.
  • Install, deploy and configure basic computer networks & mobile devices.
  • Deploy and configure hardware drivers and devices, e.g., badge scanners and cameras.
  • Identify common health care organizational structures and methods of operation.
  • Comprehend commonly used medical terms and devices in a range of health care settings.
  • Identify and label different components of HL7, e-prescribing & billing interfaces.
  • Determine medical interface problems, provide support and escalate issues when necessary.
  • Understand remote access methods, wireless security protocols & patient data best practices.
  • Implement health record data backup procedures based on the latest disaster recovery policies.
  • Identify and test for common information security risks, such as spyware or phishing, and implement the appropriate prevention techniques and countermeasures.

Download the CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Exam Objectives for the complete curriculum.


Healthcare IT Technician Exams

Candidates must pass one exam to earn the CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certificate:

  • CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certificate (exam code HIT-001)
healthcare it technician exam objectives CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certificate Exam Objectives | HIT-001

Exam Format: Computer based, Multiple-choice questions
Time Limit: 60 minutes
Exam Length: 75 questions
Voucher Cost: $102 USD
Passing Score: 650 out of 900


CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Prerequisites

  • Required: There are no mandatory prerequisites for the Healthcare IT Technician certificate exam.
  • Recommended: A+ Certification or 500 hours of hands-on IT experience, or equivalent training


Healthcare IT Technician Training

Browse the top-rated accredited online degrees, professional certificates, and self-paced training courses matching the CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certificate and related career paths.

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Your CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certificate, experience and education prepare you for a range of job roles:

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