What Jobs Can I Get With a Data Science Degree?

An undergraduate or graduate degree in data science can open the door to various jobs in research, business, technology, and academics.

Here are some of the most popular and lucrative roles you can pursue with a data science degree.

Data Science Degree Jobs

Data Scientist

Utilizes statistical analysis and machine learning to interpret complex data sets, aiding in strategic decision-making across industries.

Machine Learning Engineer

Specializes in creating algorithms and predictive models, driving advancements in artificial intelligence and automation.

Data Analyst

Analyzes data for actionable insights, influencing business strategy and operational improvements.

Data Engineer

Develops and manages data infrastructure, ensuring efficient data flow and accessibility for analysis.

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

Combines data-driven insights with business acumen to guide corporate strategies and decisions.

Research Scientist

Engages in cutting-edge research, developing new data science methodologies and contributing to the field's growth.

Quantitative Analyst

Applies mathematical and statistical techniques to financial data, addressing complex finance and risk management challenges.


Uses statistical theories and methods across various sectors, playing a critical role in data interpretation and decision-making.

Data Science Consultant

Offers expert advice on data-related projects, solving diverse organizational problems, usually on a contract basis.

Data Science Teacher

Inspire and educate future data science professionals while engaging in scholarly research.


A data science degree can serve as a launchpad into a world where data is pivotal in shaping the future of businesses and technology. With careers ranging from the deeply technical to the strategically business-oriented, graduates of data science programs can find niche careers in a rapidly evolving, high-demand field.

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