Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship

Gen and Kelly Tanabe Sholarship ProgramThe Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship provides deserving students of all ages with scholarships that can be used to pay for college or graduate school. The scholarship is a merit-based program which means financial need is not considered. The Gen and Kelly Tanabe scholarship winner is chosen based on the quality of a 250-word personal statement you must submit to enter. The award may be used for tuition, room and board, books, or any related educational expense. Past academic performance is not considered as the goal is to create a level playing field.

The Scholarship is named after Gen and Kelly Tanabe who are the award-winning authors of eleven books on admission and scholarships. Together the Tanabes were accepted to all of the Ivy League colleges and won more than $100,000 in merit-based scholarships to graduate from Harvard debt-free. Gen and Kelly Tanabe tour the nation speaking about college planning and have served as expert sources for USA Today, The New York Times, CNN and US News & World Report.

Scholarship Amount:


Scholarship Deadline:

July 31, 2014

Eligibility Requirements:

Legal U.S. Resident / 9th-12th grade high school, college, or graduate student including adult students who are currently in school or planning to start school within the next 12 months

Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship Application:

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