IT Degree Programs in Oregon
A guide to Oregon’s top-ranked IT degrees in 2024.

Oregon is quickly becoming an attractive destination for information technology students and aspiring tech professionals. The state, known for its stunning natural landscapes and environmentally conscious ethos, is also home to a vibrant technology sector. Oregon’s tech industry, anchored by semiconductor giant Intel, innovative sports technology at Nike, and a bevy of startups in Portland's “Silicon Forest,” provides a fertile ground for IT education and professional development.

This guide will rank Oregon's best schools for information technology degrees. We’ll also outline the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing an IT education in The Beaver State.

What makes our rankings valuable?

Most college rankings online rely heavily on the National Center for Education Statistics, measuring institutional rates for graduation, retention, acceptance, etc. The NCES has good data, and we use it too; however, we go beyond the stats to analyze the current and future relevance of the skills and credentials gained. We also delve deep into value and flexibility to consider accelerated, online, dual-degree, and certificate options.

Best IT Programs in Oregon
Rank School City
1 Oregon State University Corvallis, OR
2 Portland State University Portland, OR
3 University of Oregon Eugene, OR
4 Oregon Institute of Technology Klamath Falls and Portland, OR
5 Southern Oregon University Ashland, OR

Best IT Degree Programs in Oregon

We ranked Oregon’s top information technology degrees based on numerous factors, including curriculum relevance, focus and variety of elective courses, school reputation, institutional statistics, program features, accessibility, and overall value.

These are the top 5 schools to pursue an IT degree in Oregon in 2024:

1. Oregon State University (OSU)

With a strong emphasis on research and innovation and pioneering work in open-source software and cybersecurity, OSU in Corvallis is a beacon for information technology education. For added flexibility, OSU offers many of its best IT degrees online, including its award-winning undergraduate computer science program. The CS degree features four well-designed information technology concentrations: applied computer science, computer systems, cybersecurity, or a computer science double degree.

Top Information Technology Programs:

  • Computer Science (BA, BS, HBA, HBS)
  • Business Information Systems (BA, BS, HBA, HBS)
  • Business Analytics (BS, HBS)

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2. Portland State University (PSU)

Portland State is a nexus of urban innovation in the center of Oregon's largest city. PSU students benefit from deep ties with tech firms in Silicon Forest - the nickname for the slew of tech companies in and around Portland. This proximity allows for an IT curriculum responsive to evolving market needs, featuring coursework in hot topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, software engineering, and cybersecurity. PSU also offers accelerated information technology degrees where students simultaneously earn their bachelor’s and master’s.

Top Information Technology Programs:

  • BS in Computer Science
  • Computer Science Minor
  • MS in Computer Science

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3. University of Oregon (UO)

The University of Oregon in the college town of Eugene has carved a unique niche in IT education by seamlessly blending technology with liberal arts. This interdisciplinary approach not only delivers solid computer skills but also promotes an understanding of the societal implications of technology. Through initiatives like the Tyler Invention Greenhouse and the Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship, UO encourages students to translate their tech knowledge into viable and socially responsible ventures, making its graduates well-rounded and ethically aware professionals.

Top STEM Concentrations:

  • Computer Information Technology (CIT)
  • Math and Computer Science (MACS)
  • Cybersecurity

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4. Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech)

Oregon Tech stands out for its pragmatic approach to IT education that emphasizes career readiness. With campuses in Klamath Falls and Portland, Oregon Tech offers a range of high-quality information technology programs, but it's heralded for its focus on health informatics and software engineering. Its health informatics program is among the few in the U.S. that blends healthcare management with cutting-edge computing skills, preparing graduates to make significant technological contributions to the healthcare industry. This targeted educational approach, and the institute's rural and urban settings offer students diverse perspectives and an enriching academic journey.

Top IT Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics
  • BAS in Technology and Management

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5. Southern Oregon University (SOU)

Nestled in the picturesque town of Ashland just north of the California border, SOU offers a highly customizable IT degree program that closely aligns with workforce demands. Its computer science department provides a comprehensive curriculum covering beginner through advanced information technology topics with degree specializations in software engineering, cybersecurity, data science and more.

Top IT Degree Focus Areas:

  • Digital Security
  • Emerging Media and Digital Arts
  • Data Visualization

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Pros of Studying Information Technology in Oregon

  • Dynamic Startup Scene: Portland's Silicon Forest is a hotbed for tech startups, offering students unique opportunities to engage with innovative companies and technologies.
  • Eco-Tech Emphasis: Reflecting the state’s environmental ethos, many of the best technology degrees in Oregon incorporate sustainability principles, preparing graduates to contribute to the growing development of green technologies.
  • Quality of Life: Oregon’s natural beauty and easy access to recreational activities provide unmatched quality of life for outdoor enthusiasts in local IT programs.

Cons of Studying Information Technology in Oregon

  • Regional Concentration: Most of Oregon's tech opportunities are concentrated in Portland and its suburbs, which might necessitate relocation for students and IT graduates seeking niche roles.
  • Growing but Smaller Market: Although rapidly developing, Oregon's technology industry is smaller than global centers like Silicon Valley. Students here may find a more limited scope of internships and job openings in emerging IT fields.
  • Cost of Living: Particularly in Portland, the cost of living can be high relative to other parts of the state and country. Students must consider this when planning for their education and early IT career stages in Oregon.


Pursuing an information technology degree in Oregon offers academic excellence, access to a thriving tech ecosystem, and a lifestyle conducive to creativity and innovation. The state’s educational institutions not only prepare students with the technical skills needed to excel in the IT profession but also instill a commitment to sustainability and community engagement. While the geographic concentration of the tech industry and the cost of living present challenges, the benefits of studying in Oregon - a state at the forefront of eco-tech innovation and home to a dynamic startup scene - make it an enticing option for IT degree candidates.

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