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In the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, settlers literally raced to claim up to 160 acres of unoccupied land on the new American frontier. The deals aren't quite as good today, but Oklahoma remains one of the nation's most affordable and spacious places to call home. The Sooner State also boasts a strong economy with a high concentration of jobs in tech-centric fields like telecommunications, energy, and bio-engineering. These livability and employment factors have made Oklahoma a great place to pursue an education, especially in computers and information systems. The top computer science colleges in Oklahoma include the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, and TU in Tulsa, OK.

This page will explore the best computer science schools in Oklahoma. We'll also look at potential career outcomes for tech graduates in-state, including the top paying cities and IT careers for Okies.

Best CS Schools in Oklahoma

Compare the top-ranked computer schools in Oklahoma.

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University of Oklahoma

Instructing the next generation of technologists and engineers since 1969, OU offers a top-tier computer science program to graduates and undergraduates alike. Comp-sci students at the University of Oklahoma study in Devon Energy Hall, the school's new cutting-edge, collaborative research facility.

  • Featured Computer Science Degrees:
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (ABET-Accredited)
    • Accelerated Bachelor's + Master's CS Degree
    • Master of Science in Computer Science
    • Master of Science in Data Science & Analytics
    • Computer Science Ph.D.
    • View all programs at OU
  • Campus Location:
    • OU School of Computer Science | Devon Energy Hall | 110 West Boyd St. | Norman, OK 73019

Oklahoma State University

Computer science students at OSU choose from innovative, career-focused tech majors like video game design, data management, cyber security and mobile application development. Beyond its top-notch computer science curriculum, Oklahoma State repeatedly earns accolades in affordability, friendliness, innovation and sustainability.

  • CS Minors and Majors in:
    • Video Game Development
    • Information Security
    • Data Management and Analytics
    • Computer Graphics and Digital Design
    • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
    • Programming & Software Development
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  • Campus Locations:
    • Oklahoma State University | Stillwater, OK 74078
    • OSU Online

Top Paying IT Careers in Oklahoma

For those who remain in-state after graduating a computer science program in Oklahoma, here's how much you can earn in OK's top paying tech jobs.

IT Career Path Average Salary in OK
Information Technology Manager $124,400
Aerospace Engineer $104,070
Database Architect $102,780
Electrical Engineer $101,020
Software Engineer $100,840

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Regional Tech Pay in Oklahoma

These Oklahoma cities pay the highest salaries to computer science professionals and engineers.

Location in OK Hourly IT Wage Annual IT Wage
Tulsa, OK $38.71 $80,520
Oklahoma City, OK $38.29 $79,640
Enid, OK $33.81 $70,320
Lawton, OK $32.81 $68,250

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions from prospective computer science students in Oklahoma.

What's the best public college for computer science in Oklahoma?

The University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK is the best public school for computer science in Oklahoma, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Does Oklahoma State have a good computer science program?

Yes, with a technical curriculum focused on innovation and career-focused education, OSU has a strong computer science program. Oklahoma State University's CS program is ranked 2nd in Oklahoma, just after OU, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Online Computer Schools in Oklahoma

These top-rated online computer science schools are currently accepting Oklahomans.

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