Does It Matter Where You Get Your Computer Science Degree?

The school where you earn your CS degree matters, but only to a point.

If you attend a tier 1 university for computer science, you’re more likely to get hired at a major tech company and earn a higher salary upon entering the workforce. To illustrate this point, College Transitions identified Carnegie Mellon, Columbia University, Stanford, MIT, and Cal Tech as the top five “feeders” of computer science professionals to tech giants like Google and Microsoft.

However, if you’re not considering one of these highly competitive, uber-expensive institutions, the school where you get your computer science degree matters much less -- there’s not much difference between school #50 and #250 when it comes to career outcomes. Many state schools have world-class computer science programs, such as Georgia Tech, OSU, UT Austin, UC Berkeley, ASU, UIUC, etc.

The tech sector increasingly values practical skills, real-world experience, adaptability, and work ethic over a prestigious alma mater. Computer science innovation and expertise can be cultivated through various educational paths, including public colleges, online degrees, and bootcamps, offering ample opportunities for rewarding careers in technology.

Regardless of where you get your computer science degree, once you get your foot in the door and prove yourself, the sky’s the limit.

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