Can You Get an MBA With a Computer Science Degree?

Yes, you can pursue an MBA with a computer science degree, and for certain roles, it’s beneficial. Let’s dig a little deeper.

The combination of technical expertise from a computer science degree and business acumen from an MBA is highly valued, especially in the tech industry. This blend of skills is especially beneficial for roles in technology management, product development, and business analytics.

Valuable Skills That Transfer from a CS Degree to an MBA

Analytical Skills

Foundational computer science courses, particularly those in algorithms and data structures, enhance analytical thinking, which is crucial for business problem-solving and decision-making.

Project Management

Many computer science degrees include project-based learning using frameworks like Agile, Waterfall, and Prince2, which align well with the project management aspects of an MBA.

Quantitative Skills

Coursework in mathematics and statistics is commonplace in computer science curricula and vital for an MBA's quantitative approach to finance and economics.

Technology Acumen

With the increasing role of technology in business, an education in computer science provides a competitive edge in understanding technology and leveraging it for business innovation.

Potential Additional Requirements for CS Undergraduates

Some MBA programs have additional requirements for non-business degree holders, including those with computer science degrees. These could include completing business courses, undergoing skill evaluations, or achieving certain standardized scores. Competitive MBA programs may also require at least one year of work experience in a business-related field.


Most MBA programs welcome diverse academic backgrounds, and a computer science degree provides a strong foundation for advanced business studies. Many professionals choose this path to broaden their IT career opportunities and better understand the intertwined worlds of technology and business.

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