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Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification demonstrates professional-level skills and expertise with one or more of Adobe's graphic design or digital communication products. An education plan including Adobe ACE certification(s) can help prepare you for a range of creative design careers, such as graphic designer or web developer.

ACE certifications are achieved by passing one or more product-specific Adobe certification exams. Adobe offers three distinct levels of ACE certification:

3 Levels of Adobe Certified Expert Credentials

1 ACE Product Certifications recognize the certificate holder as an Adobe Certified Expert in a single Adobe product, such as, ACE, Adobe Photoshop CS5, or ACE, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.

2 ACE Specialist Certifications recognize the certificate holder as an Adobe Certified Expert in multiple Adobe products across a Specific Medium, e.g., ACE, Adobe Design Specialist, or ACE, Adobe Web Specialist.

3ACE Master Certifications recognize the certificate holder as an Adobe Certified Expert in an entire Adobe product suite, such as, ACE, CS5 Design Master, or ACE, CS6 Video Master.

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ACE Product Certifications

Current list of single product Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) credentials:

adobe ace photoshop cs6 ACE, Photoshop CS6
adobe ace illustrator ACE, Illustrator CS6
adobe ace indesign ACE, InDesign CS6
adobe ace flash pro ACE, Flash CS6
adobe cs6 dreamweaver ACE, Dreamweaver CS6
adobe ace acrobat pro ACE, Acrobat Pro
adobe ace after effects ACE, AfterEffects CS6
adobe-cs5-coldfusion ACE, ColdFusion CS6
adobe ace captivate ACE, Captivate CS6
adobe ace flex ACE Flex CS6
adobe ace premiere pro ACE, Premiere Pro CS6
adobe ace framemaker ACE, FrameMaker CS6
adobe ace robohelp ACE, RoboHelp CS6
adobe ace flash lite ACE, Flash Lite 2.0 Mobile Developer CS6
adobe ace livecycle core ACE, LiveCycle ES2 Core CS6
adobe ace livecycle process automation ACE, LiveCycle ES2 Process Automation CS6

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ACE Specialist Certifications

  • ACE, Design Specialist
  • ACE, Web Specialist
  • ACE, Video Specialist
  • ACE, Rich Internet Application Specialist
  • ACE, Technical Communications Specialist

To become an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Specialist, an ACE must pass all required (R) exams and any one elective (E) within any given certification track in the table below.

Design Specialist
Rich Internet
App. Specialist
Technical Comm. Specialist
ACE, Adobe Photoshop
ACE, Adobe InDesign
ACE, Adobe Dreamweaver
ACE, Adobe Illustrator
ACE, Adobe Acrobat
ACE, Adobe Premiere Pro
ACE, Adobe After Effects
ACE, Adobe ColdFusion
ACE, Adobe Flash
ACE, Adobe Flex
ACE, Adobe FrameMaker
ACE, Adobe RoboHelp
ACE, Adobe Captivate

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ACE Master Certifications

To become an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Master, you must pass the current exam for each product in an entire suite. All ACE exams must be the same version, e.g., all CS4 or all CS6 to meet the ACE Master requirements.

CS Design Master

  • ACE, Acrobat Professional
  • ACE, InDesign
  • ACE, Illustrator
  • ACE, Photoshop

CS Web Master

  • ACE, Acrobat Professional
  • ACE, Dreamweaver
  • ACE, Flash
  • ACE, Illustrator
  • ACE, Photoshop

CS Video Master

  • ACE, AfterEffects
  • ACE, Flash
  • ACE, Illustrator
  • ACE, Photoshop
  • ACE, Premiere

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Graphic Design Training and Degrees

Browse the top-rated undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificate programs and self-paced online courses matching the graphic designer career path and training requirements.

Admissions advisors can provide more information about creative design curriculum and start dates, job placement services, tuition costs, scholarships and personalized financial aid options.
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Design School

Adobe Training Program

Program Highlights

A.S. Graphic Design

  • Method: Online Degree
  • Degree Level: Associate
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Adobe CS Design with Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Design Fundamentals and Color Concept
  • Digital Photography & Image Manipulation
  • Design Web 2.0 Sites & Social Media Hubs
  • Marketing Collateral, Brand & Logo Design
  • Perspective, 3D Drawing & Package Design
  • 2D Print Design and Typography Training
  • Creative Design Digital Portfolio Assembly
  • Attend Design Courses Online, 60 Campuses in 21 U.S. States or Vancouver British Columbia

A.S. Web Design & Development

  • Method: Online Degree
  • Degree Level: Associate
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Learn to Design & Code World-Class Websites
  • Digital Photography and PSD Image Editing
  • Study Color, Textures & Layout in Web Design
  • HTML, Flash ActionScript, JavaScript and CSS
  • CMS Dev Training inc. WordPress & Joomla!
  • Produce Professional Multimedia Presentations
  • Website Design Project Management Training
  • Design and Code a Web-Based Ad Campaign
  • Human-Computer Interaction and UI Design
  • Develop Content for Mobile Device Browsers
  • Web Designer & Developer Portfolio Creation

B.S. Graphic Design

  • Method: Online Degree
  • Degree Level: Bachelor
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Work within Creative Demands to Produce High-End Designs in a Wide Range of Formats
  • Adobe Web and Graphics Design Training
  • Typography, 2D Print & 3D Package Design
  • Web Special Effects & Rich-Media Elements
  • Study Color Concepts & Layout Aesthetics
  • Learn how to Create Powerful Digital Videos
  • Graphic Designer Portfolio/Resume Assembly
  • Award-Winning Online Degrees and Platform
  • Art & Design Programs Beginning Year Round

B.S.I.T. Multimedia and Visual Communication

  • Method: Online or On-Campus
  • Degree Level: Bachelor
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Create Captivating Designs to Accomplish Complex Business & Marketing Goals
  • Manipulate Images using Adobe Photoshop
  • Design Interactive Multimedia Web Content
  • HTML, XML and Java Programming Training
  • Technical Writing Tips, Tricks & Best Practices
  • Mix and Match 6-Week Design Classes Online
  • Study Online or One of 200+ U.S. Locations
  • Build a Diverse Portfolio of Websites, Business Presentations, Rich Media Ads, Instructional Guides, Animated Movies and e-Publications

M.F.A. Media Design

  • Method: Online Degree
  • Degree Level: Master
  • Accredited School: Yes
  • Financial Aid Available: Yes
  • Prerequisite: Bachelor's Degree
  • Explore the Tactics & Planning Behind Design
  • Craft a Cohesive Brand Identity & Media Plan
  • Use SWOT Analysis for Strategic Art Decisions
  • Define and Meet Clients' Specific Design Needs
  • Media Design Team and Project Management
  • Learn how to Write Effective and Unique Copy
  • Plan the Look & Feel of Professional Websites
  • Learn how to Measure Design Project Success
  • Designer Ethics and Intellectual Property Law
  • 12 Master Design Classes Starting Year-Round

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Adobe Certification Salary

Average salaries for Adobe certified professionals:

  • Adobe Certified Expert salary: $71,000
  • Adobe Certified Associate salary: $38,000


Adobe Certified Expert Testimonials

When reviewing designers resumes, one of the hardest things to discern is the applicant's actual knowledge of a program. I can't tell you how many people I come across who call themselves "advanced" or "expert," but don't know a layer mask from a Halloween mask!

However, when I see an Adobe Certified Expert listing on the resume, I know the person has a decent knowledge of the program. While they may not be true "experts," they have shown an ability to take a comprehensive test that can only be passed by being familiar with the software. More importantly, they show they have the ability to study and learn -- a relatively rare find in today's world.

-David Creamer of I.D.E.A.S. Training

I started working in Adobe Pagemaker® back in 1987. I’ve worked with all the Adobe products over the years. I’m also a technical trainer, and have been doing that since 1992. I use the ACE logo on my business card. People recognize Adobe. The biggest question I get from people is ‘what do you have to do to become a certified expert?’ and they ask me if the test is hard. I say yes! The tests are thorough. You have to really know the product.

Above all, what I value about being an ACE is the credibility that it brings to what I do professionally. It’s one thing to say you’re an instructor, and you know the product, but quite another to say that you’ve been certified by Adobe in a particular area.

-Debbi Correia, Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

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IT Subject Matter ExpertDaniel Greenspan is an IT education specialist, web developer and entrepreneur living in New York City. Working closely with IT professionals, world-class trainers and technology executives since 2005 has given him a unique perspective into the IT job market and the skills and certifications IT professionals need to succeed.

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