Fuel Your Dreams Scholarship

24Seven Fuel Your Dreams ScholarshipEveryone has a dream. Achieving your goals and living your dreams requires energy, drive and determination. 24Seven Energy is here to fuel your dreams with its fruit energy drinks and exclusive $1,000 Scholarship. To apply, complete the form at the link below and tell 24Seven, in 250 words or less, how $1,000 will help you realize your dream.

*As an added bonus, applicants will be eligible to win an iPad 2, just for taking the time to share your dreams. Good luck!

“Fuel Your Dreams” Scholarship Amount:


“Fuel Your Dreams” Scholarship Deadline:

September 4, 2012

“Fuel Your Dreams” Scholarship Requirements:

9-12th grade high school student, current college student, or planning to enroll in continuing education / Legal U.S. Resident

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