"Rock The World" Scholarship

bookrenter rock the world's "Rock The World" Scholarship is your chance to win a college scholarship worth up to $25,000. This scholarship is unique because the award amount grows every time someone "Likes" The Rock The World Scholarship on Facebook. (Smart social media tactic too!) Visit the Rock The World Scholarship website via the link below and tell them “How you will use the scholarship," and "how your education will impact the world," to enter.” The most inspiring entry will win the scholarship. makes education more affordable by allowing students to rent textbooks for up to 80% off retail. BookRenter claims to provide students with the best prices, highest quality books, and most flexible rental experience available. “Rock The World” Scholarship Amount:

Up to $25,000 “Rock The World” Scholarship Deadline:

2012 deadlines have not been announced yet “Rock The World” Eligibility Requirements:

13+ years old / Legal U.S. Resident

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