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Udemy Online Computer Courses, a global leader in online education, offers self-paced video courses created by world-class instructors. Udemy's course catalog focuses on today's most marketable and in-demand skill sets; popular training topics include web & mobile application development, graphics & game design, Microsoft Office productivity, social media marketing & entrepreneurship.

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Top-Ranked Udemy Course Deals

Excel 2010 Beginners Course


Only $39 ($99 retail)

Excel 2010 Advanced Course


Only $39 ($99 retail)

Excel 2013 Beginners Course

Excel 2013 Online Course

Only $39 ($99 retail)

Certified Web Developer


Only $59 ($199 retail)

Web Development from Scratch


Only $79 ($199 retail)

Excel 2013 Advanced Course

Excel 2013 Advanced Training

Only $39 ($99 retail)

Cisco CCNA 2013 Video Boot Camp

CCNA Online Course

Only $44 ($125 retail)

Cisco CCNA-Security Boot Camp

CCNA Security Video Course

Only $39 ($125 retail)

Cisco CCNP Video Boot Camp

Cisco CCNP Boot Camp Online

Only $99 ($299 retail)

Creating Responsive Web Design

responsive web design tutorial

Only $59 ($150 retail)

Learn Microsoft Word 2010

microsoft word 2010 tutorial

Only $39 ($99 retail)

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010


Only $39 ($99 retail)

PHP & MySQL for Beginners


Only $39 ($99 retail)

No-Code iPhone Development


Only $396 ($497 retail)

Ruby Programming Course


Only $39 ($99 retail)

Photoshop CS6 Crash Course

photoshop cs6 course deal

Only $19 ($40 retail)

Photoshop CS5 Training

photoshop video course

Only $79 ($99 retail)

Xcode + iOS User Experience Design

Xcode iOS Video Course

Only $150 ($497 retail)

HTML5 Mobile App Dev w/ PhoneGap

HTML5 mobile development course online

Only $49 ($99 retail)

iPhone App Development Course

iPhone App Dev Course

Only $59 ($149 retail)

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