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Free IT White Papers

Knowledge is power, and one of the best ways to expand your knowledge is to benefit from the research and experiences of those who came before you. In business and technology, this primary research is disseminated through IT white papers.

ITCareerFinder partners with IT industry innovators and leaders - including Apple, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, HP & Intel - to provide complimentary expert-crafted white papers, tip-sheets, eBooks and special reports in relevant IT topics. Enjoy!

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The iPad CTO Kit

free ipad it white paper
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Free research bundle, including iPad Tips & Tricks for IT Managers & Execs!

This complimentary kit combines the latest in information, coverage of important news and developments, deep dive case studies and subject matter expert commentary to help you with a wide range of modern IT management decisions.

The iPad Chief Technology Officer Kit includes these free downloads:

  • iPad Tips & Tricks Guide for Business and IT Managers [iPad CTO]
  • The CISO's Guide to Virtualization Security [Kaspersky]
  • Complete Storage & Data Protection Architecture for Virtual Environments [HP]
  • Mobile is the New Face of Engagement [SAP]
  • And more...

The Mac Manual

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Discover what your Mac computer can really do in this free 70-page eBook!

The MAC Manual features hundreds of tips & tricks, shortcuts, free apps & plug-ins, cheat-sheets and little-known features to help you unlock your Mac's potential.

Seasoned Mac users deliver a crash course in Apple's popular desktop and laptop operating system, helping end-users boost productivity, enhance work-flow and optimize their day-to-day user experience.

This jam-packed guide is based on "Snow Leopard," the latest incarnation of Mac OS X. Mac Manual readers can also opt-in to free email updates on cool new websites and programs from

Website Redesign 10-Step Checklist

free website redesign checklist
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Simplify Website Redesign with HubSpot's Strategic 10-Step Checklist!

There are many good reasons to redesign your website, such as, rebranding, the current site looks dated, migrating to a new Content Management System (CMS), or lackluster performance. A radical website redesign, when done right, can transform your site into a visually-stunning, conversion machine.

Website redesigns are a long and tedious process; this complimentary 10-step checklist and report will make your redesign a whole lot easier, productive and headache-free.

HubSpot's website redesign checklist is not your run-of-the-mill checklist. While other tactical checklists are available online, the one critical element commonly missing is how the redesign will support overall marketing efforts. Your website doesn't exist in a vacuum, it affects your social media presence, email program, brand awareness, lead generation and sales strategies. This strategic checklist will help transform your website into a successful inbound marketing machine.

Five Myths of Cloud Computing

top 5 cloud computing myths
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Separate cloud computing fact from fiction with this free report from HP & Intel.

Cloud computing is one of today's hottest IT topics. Its headline news status has been accelerated by Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and other firms, aggressively competing for leadership in the cloud services and infrastructure markets. This race for mind-share has spurred a bombardment of content, much of it obscuring cloud computing facts. This well-written, 8-page report aims to lift the fog surrounding the cloud, while dispelling the top 5 cloud computing myths.

Experts from HP and Intel will provide concise answers to tough questions like:

  • How hard is it to adopt a private or hybrid cloud?
  • How can the cloud transform my business?
  • How difficult is it to ensure security in the cloud?
  • Do I have the right skills or personnel in place?
  • What are my cloud computing cost considerations?

Separate reality from myth and make informed decisions about cloud computing today.

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